Besides being the Internet’s number one repository of information on all things Kardashian, Instagram is also a hotbed of makeup creativity. Hundreds of makeup artists are coming up with designs, some of which are cool, some of which are weird, and some of which are both at the same time. This one’s definitely the latter.

UK-based makeup artist Courteney Jackson shared a new look that went viral, and it’s easy to see why. Presenting: pulled skin makeup.

Photo Credit: Courteney Jackson

*Shudder*…but also, I can’t stop looking at it!

Jackson says she was inspired not by the John Travolta-Nicolas Cage thriller Face/Off like I first thought, but by a drawing she made.

Photo Credit: Courteney Jackson

To achieve the effect, Jackson applied makeup to the right side of her face as usual, employing a fuchsia eye shadow. On the right, she created her prosthetic skin by repurposing an old bald cap. “I just cut it to the shape of one side of my face, then stuck it using spirit gum down the center of my face,” she told Allure.

When the design was finished, Jackson says she didn’t like how it turned out. “At first, I actually didn’t like the outcome of it, but posted it to see how people would react to it,” she said. People of the Internet emphatically did not share her view, and they’ve liked the post almost 30,000 times.

Of course, you can’t get recognition online without accompanying negativity, even when you’re doing something as innocuous as makeup tutorials. Some commenters, primarily men, criticizing Jackson for wearing too much makeup, and for providing proof that all women are “fake.” (I don’t get it, either.)

But Jackson has no time for static. “It’s called special effect makeup. I’m being creative. You really think I’m going to walk the streets looking like that? Maybe start worrying about yourself rather than what other people are doing. I can do what I want. And if I want to wear ‘loads’ of makeup, then I sure as hell will.”

We say screw the haters, because this is awesome. And if Hollywood ever does get off their collective ass and make the sequel to Face/Off that we deserve, Courteney Jackson should be the first person they call.

Photo Credit: Thrillist

h/t: Allure