OK, look. I’m not going to pretend like a swimming pool is a sparkling oasis of cleanliness. Anyone who takes a dip in their local pool knows they’re submerging themselves in a lukewarm broth seasoned with every possible human bodily fluid. Chlorine is powerless. We all know this, and we all accept it.

But that doesn’t mean it’s OK to treat the swimming pool like an overgrown bathtub for whatever hygiene practice you can think of. Like this person did. Hope you have a vomit bag ready for this one, folks.

This past Memorial Day weekend, Reddit user screwsausage shared a video that will deflate whatever faith you have left in humanity. In the video, purportedly filmed at a hotel somewhere in Florida, a woman sits on the edge of the swimming pool and…shaves…her…legs.

The video only lasts twenty seconds, yet somehow contains enough horror to last you a lifetime.

Lady shaves legs in hotel pool from r/trashy

In the video, the unidentified shaver is seen shaving her left leg. After finishing the front of her leg, she RINSES THE RAZOR IN THE POOL WATER and continues shaving the back of her leg, as if everything is totally fine and normal and not a living nightmare. The person filming the video, (also unidentified), can be heard reacting with shock and disgust, at one point saying, “I hope she don’t shave her hoo hah next!” All the while, kids swim within a couple feet of the depilatory deviant, blissfully unaware their childhood is being ruined right in front of them.

So far, the video has received over 55,000 upvotes, making it one of the most viewed posts on Reddit over the last couple days. Don’t be fooled by other articles saying this story sparked a “debate” about swimming pool etiquette. Nobody is siding with the Patty Pool Shaver, and nobody should. The only real debate worth having is, if you were at the pool and saw the woman shaving, how would you handle it? Would you confront her, or tell management, or just stay silent, assuming that by shaving in a pool, this woman is an actual sociopath who views other human beings as insignificant. (I’d go with option #3.)

Everyone agreed that what happened was gross. Many sympathized with the unfortunate souls who had to share the pool.

Photo Credit: Ripper-Roo

Others had fun imagining the possible biohazard.

Photo Credit: 80NT

Then, former swimming pool employees joined the thread. To them, the sight of a woman shaving wasn’t a shock.

Photo Credit: muh_feelz

What’s worse than shaving in a pool? Shaving in a pool and then disposing of your razor in that same pool.

Photo Credit: Tiel_1779

One former lifeguard made a convincing case for all pools to be drained immediately, and then set on fire.

Photo Credit: MechanicalAttraction

Oh, and everything we said about pools also holds true for hot tubs.

Photo Credit: Copacetic_

Hopefully soon, the axis of the Earth will tilt enough to end summer in this hemisphere once and for all. But until that happens, stay away from swimming pools.


h/t: UniLAD