The Easter Bunny as a character has been around for hundreds of years, but nobody really knows where he came from or what he means. One leading theory is that he originates from Anglo-Saxon festivals celebrating the fertility goddess Eostre, whose animal symbol was a rabbit.

And if the Easter Bunny really is a fertility symbol, maybe that explains why an Ohio woman was arrested for making unwanted advances to a person in an Easter Bunny costume.

Last Saturday, Ladonna Hughett, 54, was visiting a local carousel park in Mansfield when the Easter Bunny’s aura of fertility became too powerful to resist. Maybe spring was in the air, or maybe it was because she was really hammered, but when Ms. Hughett’s eyes fell on the dude in the Easter Bunny costume, love was all that mattered.

Allegedly, Ms. Hughett approached the bunny, began making lewd comments, and proceeded to grind upon him. Someone took a video of the incident, but it hasn’t been released in full, so all we have to go on is a still image:

Photo Credit: Yahoo

A bystander called the police, and when they arrived, they noted Hughett seemed drunk, with slurred speech and “a generally wobbly demeanor.” Another factor that led police to believe she was intoxicated was the fact she was grinding on a man in a bunny costume at a park in the daytime.

She was arrested, because love is a crime.

Photo Credit: Metro

The Smoking Gun obtained a copy of the police report, which might be the greatest police report ever written:

Photo Credit: The Smoking Gun

Ms. Hughett was released eight hours after her arrest, and police declined to press charges for assault.


In all seriousness, nobody should harass anybody like this, Easter Bunny or not. And if you’re going to be around ancient fertility symbols this Easter weekend, be aware of the risks.


h/t: Yahoo