As you all know, it’s been a long day, a long week, and a verrrrrryyyyy long year.

And we think it’s important to bring you some wholesome content from time to time so we can all remember that human beings are usually pretty solid individuals that care about each other and try to make the world a better place.

So sit back, take a load off, forget about the pressing things you have to do today, and enjoy these wholesome tweets that we think will make you happy today.

1. These are all good things.

And I’m behind you, sir!

2. This is pretty wholesome.

Dogs will never turn their backs on you!

3. I think you’re hot.

True love is still alive!

4. I love this so much.

Look how proud he is.

5. It’s gonna be okay.

We really don’t deserve dogs, do we?

6. The type of inclusion we need.

Way to go, Ellie!

7. We all are! Don’t worry about it!

This kid speaks the truth.

8. This woman is a trailblazer.

And we salute her!

9. Moms are the best.

And this kid is one of the smart ones!

10. Nice work!

Well, isn’t that nice?

11. It’s a perfect fit.

And the pooch seems to like it.

12. Help out your neighbors.

And learn a lesson from this guy!

13. Words of wisdom.

All you need is pancakes.

Now we want you to help us keep smiling!

In the comments, share something you’ve seen on social media lately that really put you in a good mood.

Thanks in advance!