I think my dumbest injury of all time was when a friend and I were pulling cornstalks out of the ground for some reason and my hands slid as I pulled up on one and it cut the absolute sh*t out of my hands and I started pouring blood from both hands.

I immediately rode my bike home and burst through the front door to hysterically tell my mom what had happened. I was also pretty young so I was convinced that I was dying.

It turned out I didn’t even need stitches, but man that hurt…

Let’s check out some other stories about how people injured themselves in dumb ways.

1. Still hurts…

Gotta be careful!

2. Adult hip hop is dangerous.

This one hurts.

3. Got the all-clear!

Lucky they were there…

4. An honest mistake.

You were hungry!

5. Oh, no!

Had to explain that one to your teammates…

6. I’m being attacked!

By myself!

7. Gotta be careful with those things.

They’re dangerous!

8. The incident.

The truth comes out…

9. This is epic.

I can’t believe it!

10. You did your best.

Sorry about the arm, though.

Have you ever hurt yourself in a really dumb way?

Tell us all about it in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear about it!