Even though the world is totally on fire right now, we still have to remember to laugh, right?

Damn right!

Yes, we have to wear masks for a while when we leave the house and yes, it can be annoying, but just do it! You’re helping yourself, your family and friends, and total strangers every time you put it on.

And we can make fun of ourselves in the meantime!

Let’s have a few laughs and forget about all the awful things happening right now!

1. Can someone explain this?

I need answers!

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

2. Hey, it works!

Kind of…

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

3. Play it at home with your family!

It’s fun for everyone!

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

4. This is not a good look.

So be careful out there, okay?

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

5. I’m really tired of hearing this kind of stuff.

Just wear the damn thing!

6. It’s my dream, too.

You can really avoid everyone now!

7. Just like normal folks do.

We’re all the same, right?

8. Yeah, what she said.

Again, just wear it!

9. Phew! That’s a relief!

Resting Bitch Face no more!

10. I agree with this 100%.

It’s a perfect circle.

11. It really makes you think…

Admit it, you’ve forgotten it at least once.

12. Hahahaha. That’s great.

It’s a perfect fit! Kind of…


13. Damn straight.

Metal heads know what’s up.


14. Just take it and leave.

Things sure have changed, huh?

Remember to wear your mask when you leave the house, okay?

A little bit goes a long way!

How are you doing these days with all the craziness in the world?

Give us a life update in the comments!