You know people like this. Hell, you might be one of these people. The type that thinks their dog is heir to a throne and must be treated as such.

Hey, I’m not talkin’ trash. I love dogs, and if I currently had my own I’m sure I’d the same way.

But you have to admit that it is kind of hilarious…take a look.

1. It’s a dog bed, okay?

2. Wasn’t talking to you.

3. I don’t agree with you.

4. Yes, she would.

5. Guilty as charged.

6. It’s his favorite movie.

7. Something to aim for.

8. DO NOT upset the dog.

9. Building the archive.

10. I don’t have time for this.

11. Time to party!

12. You’re on the floor tonight.

13. Major life decision.

14. Sorry, you’re not invited.

15. Get ready for the big day!

Are you one of these people? It’s okay, you can admit it here.

And show us a photo in the comments!