Adding toddlers to anything is a dicey proposition. And adding them to one of the most important moments of your life is pretty much a guarantee that things will go wrong. Just ask Kevin Pryztula.

Mr. Pryztula got everything ready to pop the question to his girlfriend Alyssa this past weekend. He brought Alyssa to Wenonah Park in Bay City, Michigan, along with a friend to film the moment, and, crucially, their three-year-old son, Owen. In front of the park’s distinctive oval-shaped water fountain, Kevin got down on one knee and proposed. Neither parent noticed when Owen dropped his pants and began to relieve himself.

Kevin and Alyssa were so caught up in the moment, they didn’t notice Owen for a good 30 seconds. Kevin told Alyssa, “I love you with all my heart” and slipped the ring on her finger, while Owen went about his business and the friend laughed.

When Kevin finally turned around and saw his son, all he could do was throw up his hands in disbelief.

But while the proposal might have been ruined, the resulting video was pure gold. (Sorry.) Kevin posted it to Facebook, where it got over 50,000 reactions before the site removed it. He later uploaded the above, blurred version to Youtube.

As all parents of toddlers know when it comes to these kinds of incidents, it helps to have a sense of humor. As Kevin told local news station WNEM, “I just started laughing. This is what Owen does. This is our everyday life, that’s what we deal with on a daily basis.”

Alyssa further explained that Owen is still learning the rules of when, where, and how to answer the call of nature. “The potty training is still a work in progress,” she said. “It’s only been a month, so he thinks is really cool to pee outside.” (And to be fair to Owen, it is the best way to pee.)

But Owen is far from the first kid to “ruin” a big moment. (We’d argue these moments aren’t ruined, they’re improved.) At another wedding in 2015, the ring bearer made his mark:

Then there was the flower girl who made an unauthorized addition to the wedding vows:

At least that flower girl made it to the altar. Unlike this one:

And it’s not just the really little kiddos who have trouble at weddings.

So at least Owen isn’t alone. Honestly, any time you combine kids and weddings, or even wedding proposals, you’re asking for trouble.


h/t: CBS News