There are times you fail and then there are times that you ROYALLY fail.

Today we will be looking at some examples that definitely fall into the latter category.

And after you laugh at these poor souls, try to remember the last time you messed up trying to make a nice meal for you and your loved ones.

And maybe you’ll end up feeling kind of sorry for these folks.

Yes, we’re trying to make you feel bad about yourself.

Go ahead and take a look.

1. Should’ve tied it down!

This one hurts.

2. This is very sad.

We’re sorry for your loss.

3. I hope you didn’t get too much in your eyes.

That could have been painful.

4. This is creepy.

Who’s responsible for this?

5. You can still eat it!

Five second rule in full effect!

6. Makin’ a mess.

It’s your fault!

7. I hope you still ate it.

It was early, don’t beat yourself up about it.

8. I can’t read this, but that looks rough.

I hope you threw it away.

9. Not a whole lot of cinnamon in there.

You tried…and you failed!

10. This is pretty depressing.

Look what you did…


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11. Do you have a fire extinguisher?

You better keep that thing handy!


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Now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us about your epic kitchen failures.

And share some pics if you got ’em!