Unless you are a practicing Scientologist, there’s a good chance you questionable thoughts about people who are. Opinions range from disgusted to amused to fearful, so when this young woman (‘Shelby’) received a wrong number text from a scientologist looking to recruit her, she couldn’t resist having a little fun.

No word on whether the recruiter in question was amused at all, but for the rest of you…enjoy.

How it began…

Photo Credit: Imgur


At first, the person seems convinced ‘Shelby’ is messing with her, but this picture seems to have changed her mind. Somehow.

Photo Credit: Imgur


But ‘Shelby’ wasn’t done. She had to see how far she could take it, and believe me…it’s farther than you’d think.

Photo Credit: Imgur

They had to realize after that last one, right? I mean, we’ll never know because that’s where the post ends, but, like, they figured it out…right?

Trolling lesson complete!