I’m not telling you something you don’t already know, but 2020 has really sucked so far.

And you’re a person who regularly travels for business or pleasure, you know that’s it’s been a big adjustment being stuck at home and pretty much not being able to go ANYWHERE.

Travel blogger Sharon Waugh is based in South Africa but she, like all of us, is also stuck at home. So what’s a travel enthusiast to do…?

Waugh decided to spend her time recreating cliché travel photos that you routinely see people post on Instagram in her apartment and they are funny and totally spot-on.

Take a look at her photos. We think they’re great!

1. High on the mountaintop…

But now in your kitchen.


2. The Sydney Opera House.

Nice placement with the dishes, at least…


3. Jump for joy!

But do it inside for now.


4. Oh, to be at the beach…

Don’t try to surf with that ironing board.


5. Come right this way.

Doesn’t quite have the same look to it, does it?


6. Getting out in nature.

The great indoors.


7. Yayyyy! Oh, wait…

Hmmmm, well, this will have to do for now.


8. The Taj Mahal.

I love this one!


9. All the love in the world.

We’ll get back to it soon!


10. Definitely an “influencer” photo.

Get out of the road!


11. Close enough…

Gotta do the best with what you have.


12. Nailed that pose!

The lighting works, too!


Those are great!

Let’s hope that we can all travel to REAL places sooner than later.

Where is the FIRST place you want to go when it’s safe to travel again?

Talk to us in the comments!