Laleh Mohmedi has a brilliant plan to get her son Jacob to eat healthy food: she makes his food into characters from his favorite movies. Wouldn’t you know it – Jacob loves it!

And we love it, too. Mohmedi is quite an artisté when it comes to food, as you will see in the photos below. Maybe she should look into a career as a food stylist.

Take a look.

1. Carl and Ellie

2. Hei Hei From “Moana”

3. Lady and The Tramp

4. “Anger, Joy, Disgust”

5. You know these folks

6. Ursula

7. Bob Minion

8. The Grinch

9. Carl Fredrickson

10. Pooh

11. Snoop Dogg!

12. Rapunzel

13. Those cute Dalmations!

14. Sadness from “Inside Out”

15. Mama Coco