This Man Wants Us All To Celebrate The Micropenis

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By about fifth grade, we all should have realized that penis size, (or any bodily attribute, for anyone), doesn’t make you more or less desirable as a human being. But there are ideals and there’s reality, and in real life, having a small penis still carries plenty of stigma. Ant Smith wants to change that.

The 50-year-old British poet has a one-inch penis, and he refuses to apologize. Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, Ant said that even though he’s endured a lifetime’s worth of mockery–and resulting low self-esteem–it’s crucial to speak out.

“Anxiety grows in the dark really. I spent years and years thinking I was the only one with this problem and by keeping quiet I wasn’t letting anyone else with the same problem realise you are never really alone.

Whatever your issue is, there are seven million of us, there will always be someone else out there who can understand, identify and help.”

Photo Credit: ITV

It also helps to have a good sense of humor, and Ant definitely has that. He’s the author of The Small Penis Bible, a self-help book that shares humorous stories and advice for men who struggle with size insecurity. Back in 2015, he went viral for his poem titled “Shorty,” in which he pokes fun at various aspects of the micropenis experience. The whole thing is hilariously vulgar and worth a read in its entirety, but here’s a sampling:

If I sit to pee I must

Be wary of my jet

The angle of my dangle means

My trousers may get wet.

Photo Credit: The Sun

On This Morning, Ant had plenty of advice for men with micropenises. First off, he recommends ditching the word “micropenis” altogether, because implies there’s something wrong with having one. “It’s a very specific medical term and I don’t think its particularly helpful,” he said. “It is really a means of labelling people. It is an attempt to categorise people when we are all different.”

Then, there’s the common belief that having a micropenis means you can’t please your partner sexually. Not true, Smith says: “I use a lot more than that part of my anatomy in my relationship with my beautiful wife,” Smith said. “She has always been quite proud of the things I write and publish about the issue, as I am just trying to make the world a bit better.”

Finally, Smith understands why some men with micropenises might want to try to do something about it, but he cautions that penis enlargement remedies are never the answer. If you really want to increase your penis size, Smith says, you can always lose a little weight.

He also brought along some fantastic visual aids:

Photo Credit: ITV

As a society, we have a long ways to when it comes to self-acceptance, but luckily we have people like Ant who are willing to speak out. If you’ve ever worried about the size of your member, or any body part, the whole interview is well worth a watch.

All hail the micropenis!


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