Kieran Murray is a freelance photographer who is on a mission…a mission to make us laugh!

Murray has traveled all over the world, and after going through his photos, he decided they could use a little extra fun. So he did what any brilliant mind would do: he Photoshopped a toy Godzilla into his pics!

And it looks like these two pals had the time of their lives.

Let’s take a look.

1. Breathing fire.

2. Go check out a smoke shop.

3. In China.

4. Playing in the pumpkin patch.

5. Fun in the sun.

6. Playing games by the Thames.

7. New York City.

8. Two cones, please.

9. Everything is bigger in Texas.

10. Enjoy the view.

11. Don’t look behind you…

Well, I found those pictures to be highly enjoyable!

How about you?

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