Artist Tom Curtis has a huge following on Instagram and for good reason: he routinely updates the world with his very interesting artwork that he makes with his son, Dom.

Young Dom likes to draw and then Tom takes to Photoshop to turn his son’s creations into real-life images, complete with all kinds of hilarity and wackiness.

These works of art are a whole lot of fun!

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1. A dog with a bird’s legs.

Totally normal, right?

2. Trying to wrap my head around this one.

Do you see what I see?

3. Happy birds!

But with crazy eyes!

4. Now get a load of this creature.

That’s just plain nuts.

5. I wish cows looked like this.

I wonder what sound they’d make…probably not MOOOOOOOO.

6. A futuristic vehicle.

Maybe this is the of the future?

7. Monsters walk the earth.

Flying lizards are everywhere!

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What were pterodactyls really like? Definitely flying lizards with a big head spike. ___ Hello everyone. So – I think I’ve mentioned this before: over the past few weeks we’ve received hundreds of DMs asking us to recreate some truly spectacular creations. Thank you so much for sending them – I’m just sorry we can’t do them all. However – this week we've selected this brilliant prehistoric monster by 5 year old Eden, sent to us by @sin.unk. Thank you. (Sorry if this shatters the illusion, but I didn’t actually point my camera up in the air as it flew by. What you see here is part Komodo dragon, part elephant (the wings and tail) and part goat (the horns). ___ #thingsihavedrawn #kidsdrawing #pterodactyl

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8. An interesting-looking animal.

I think it might be a duck…

9. A colorful toucan.

Not too different from the real deal.

10. It’s a lynx, they think.

Prowling out in nature.

11. Weird and wonderful!

Little stubby legs on this fella.

12. Oh, that’s a meerkat.

Get a load of those teeth!

Those are great! Kudos to father and son for entertaining all of us with their drawings and artwork!

Are you working on art right now? Drawings, sculpture, anything at all?

Tell us about it in the comments and share a photo as well!

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