This is really cool and you should give it a shot if you want to see what you’d potentially look like in a Renaissance painting.

The app comes to us from a Japanese AI artist named Sato and it is pretty impressive.

All kinds of folks tried it out on social media, so let’s see what happened….

Some people were more pleased with others when it came to the results….let’s take a look.

1. Looks pretty close.

She looks like a peasant woman in the background of a painting.

2. Nailed it!

She’s also in an art gallery, so you know she was feeling this.

3. Okay, the nose is a little off…

But still…you look like you stepped out of a Renaissance painting.

4. An impressive match-up.

A blast from the past.

5. This one got people talking.

Now you know what a Hollywood star would look like in one of these things.

6. Her expression looks on-point.

Somewhere between pissed off and exasperated.

7. I love the colors.

A work of art!

8. Chin needs some work.

But still, you can definitely recognize her.

9. This guy is NOT happy.

They did him dirty, as the kids like to say.

10. Sorry, pal…

This did not go as expected.

11. A spitting image.

Elegant and classy.

12. I don’t think it looks THAT different, do you?

But this guy was a little pissed off.

13. The best for last.

Sorry about that…

Those are pretty awesome!

Some are definitely more realistic than others, but hey, it’s art, okay?

We want to see what you’d look like as a Renaissance painting!

Try it out and share your photos with us in the comments, please!