Dino Tomic is a very talented artist from Croatia who recently started a very cool side project. He already has a large following on Instagram, but with the current situation keeping almost everyone at home, Tomic decided to draw celebrities in various cartoon styles that are immediately recognizable.

And the results are really awesome.

Tomic draws people like Keanu Reeves and others in the style of Family Guy, Rick and Morty, Archer, and others and they are so much fun!

Take a look and enjoy!

1. Snoop Dogg.

There’s no mistaking that face.


2. Pennywise from IT.

A creepy clown no matter what the situation.


3. Green Day!

The legendary punks look pretty cool done up like this.


4. Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker.

The LEGO one is really cool.


5. Robert Downey Jr.

The Iron Man star really looks awesome when drawn up Archer-style.


6. Post Malone.

The man changes, but the face tattoos stay the same.


7. The great Stan Lee.

Gone, but not forgotten.


8. Keanu Reeves.

Everyone loves Keanu and so does this artist. These are pretty great.


9. Johnny Depp.

Tomic did a lot of different characters from Depp’s career with these creations.


10. Billie Eilish.

You know who it is right away by that hair.


11. Elon Musk.

Man. Myth. Inventor.


12. The late, great Bob Ross.

We all miss this guy.


13. Presidents of the USA.

These are really cool! I think “Archer Lincoln” is my favorite.


Aren’t those amazing?!?!

I think they’re great.

Which one is your favorite?

In the comments, tell us what you think about Tomic’s work. And, if you know of any other great artists we should be following on social media, tell us about them!