You’ve seen all the Spider-Man movies, sure, but now you need something new in your life.

Well, here it is!

An artist from Thailand named Neung created a cool Facebook page where they put a baby Spider-Man in all kinds of funny scenarios – with cats and dogs.

They sure are a hoot! Take a look…you may never look at Peter Parker the same way again…

1. Best friends.

2. Superheroes.

3. Time for a nap.

4. Everything sounds fine.

5. Bringing back the hippie look.

6. A motley crew.

7. It’ll be okay.

8. Exploring the forest.

9. Stop that!

10. All cuddled up.

11. Awwwwwww.

12. That’s gonna hurt.

13. Screen time before bed.

14. Time for a selfie!

15. Running into danger.

I love this little guy and his funny adventures!