I love stumbling upon a totally original and interesting piece of art.

And it’s too bad I don’t live in Australia, because if I did, I’d likely encounter the work of an artist named Michael Pederson.

His work is totally original and unexpected and he hides his pieces of art in public so folks just happen upon them. And his work is also really funny!

Take a look at these examples!

1. That is one angry animal.

Beware of Simon the Snail!


2. We could all use one of these right about now.

Just let it all out!


3. Have you been looking for a hole?

Well, don’t miss this opportunity!


4. The best Amazon review you’ll ever read.

Now I’ve seen it all!


5. I always wondered what those were doing up there.

Now I know! Wow!


6. The Urban Weed Awards are fascinating!

And no, it’s not that kind of weed…


7. Behind the velvet rope.

These are very important pigeons.


8. I love this one.

Be sure not to step on it!


9. Not a whole lot to do out here.

But just in case you need some pointers.


10. The news of the day.

Well, isn’t this exciting?!?!


11. I need to look into this.

Just to read up on the possible apocalypse.


12. Time to meet all the local birds.

Beware of PJ, he’s a bit long winded.


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