I’m barely into my forties but I will say that it does feel a little bit different than the last decade.

A little calmer and maybe not as hectic as my 30s.

You also start to feel the aches and pains more in this fourth decade and the hangovers…don’t get me started.

Let’s take a look at some funny tweets about being in your forties.

1. Get ready for it.

2. Nothing to be ashamed of.

3. Oh yeah!

4. Quite a change, huh?

5. Sounds like a hoot.

6. I’ve had enough of people.


7. My back hurts…

8. It has to be exact.

9. This is hot!

10. Totally over it.

11. I told you!

12. There you have it.

Get off my lawn! Okay, I haven’t started yelling that out my front door yet, but you never know when that’s coming.

Are you in that magical decade of your forties yet? If so, share a funny story, observation, or anecdote with us in the comments.

We look forward to hearing from you!