Well, this is very interesting

Sometimes, great art is accidental, what else can you say? You point and shoot your camera and you get something you totally weren’t expecting.

And that’s definitely the case with these wonderful photographs.

They may have all been taken recently but what they capture looks like accidental Renaissance paintings.

They’re really very remarkable.

If you want to explore more photos like this, head on over to the Accidental Renaissance page on Reddit.

Let’s dive into these pics!

1. At least six feet away.

A sign of the times.

The Modern Plague from AccidentalRenaissance

2. Wow. Very sad and timely.

Definitely looks like a painting, don’t you think?

Volunteers from Red Cross in Bergamo, Italy, checking up on a 88yo women suspected to have covid-19. Photo: Fabio Bucciarelli from AccidentalRenaissance

3. A beautiful photograph.

This young person is full of fire.

A young man, illuminated by mobile phones, recites a poem while protestors chant slogans calling for civilian rule, during a blackout in Khartoum, Sudan from AccidentalRenaissance

4. We need some peace.

Can’t we all have an olive branch right now?

Italian nurse holding olive branch from AccidentalRenaissance

5. Her two beautiful children.

Well, close enough…

Venus and her fallen children / 1495 Italy from AccidentalRenaissance

6. This is a great shot.

The whole world needs to be disinfected right now.

The disinfector arrives from AccidentalRenaissance

7. Time for a snooze.

We all need some downtime.

da Vinci’s "Downtime of the Essential Overworker" from AccidentalRenaissance

8. A break amidst the chaos.

I love the colors in this one.

A Woman Reading from AccidentalRenaissance

9. This kid is over it.

Oh, the humanity!

Took a picture of my son bored out of his wits by the lock down. Turned out to be my first picture worthy of this sub! from AccidentalRenaissance

10. The mighty horse.

In all its glory!

Horse Worship from AccidentalRenaissance

11. This is amazing.

Jesus is on the move.

the decent of Christ from the cross in the Italian city of Taranto from AccidentalRenaissance

12. I’ll be what I am. A solitary man.

I love the light coming through the window.

Study of a man in isolation from AccidentalRenaissance

13. The Pope taking public transportation a dozen years ago.

A man on the move.

Pope Francis circa 2008 from AccidentalRenaissance

Those are pretty great.

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