The different dogs I’ve had throughout the years all had that one toy they loved more than anything else in the world. Quincy had his hamburger, Bailey had a rat, and Bianca just couldn’t get enough of her tennis ball.

If you have a pup, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Here are some doggos that are eternally loyal to their toys.

I think these pics are gonna make you say “awwwwwww.”

1. Awwwwww (I told you).

Almost 18 years old and still sleeping with the toy frog she’s had for 14 years
byu/COMB__THE__DESERT inaww

2. BFF.

How I found him moments after I changed the batteries in his Snuggle Buddy, a toy with a little heartbeat he’s had since he was 3 months old.
byu/wampus514 inaww

3. Don’t hurt the pig.

Morty’s first squeak toy. It’s a pig. He thinks we hurt it when squeezing it, so he’s been protecting it for the last 45 mins.
byu/Bawlze inaww

4. Adorable.

All these years later and it’s still her favourite toy
byu/BeefJyrkii inaww

5. Can you save it?

Operating on my dogs favourite toy. He looks very concerned.
byu/bezbum inaww

6. Come on, Grandma!

My 7yr old girl that I rescued 4 years ago waiting ever so patiently for my 79yr old Grandma to fix one of her favorite toys. <3
byu/AlwaysHigh27 inaww

7. Constant companion.

Winston turns 1 today. He still sleeps with the same toy.
by inaww

8. This is mine now.

Today was the first day he’s ever picked out his toy at the pet store. He carried it to the car, into the house, and right into his crate at bedtime. My heart ☺️
byu/daisyyellow21 inaww

9. A real sweetheart.

First toy to 1 year old. Just the sweetest dog still!
byu/lgckevin inFromPuppyToDog

10. Not gonna hurt this one.

4 years later, she has ripped up hundreds of toys, but she refuses to hurt her Dino.
byu/a7xxx inaww

11. Through thick and thin.

A good boy and his toy through thick and thin
byu/to_the_tenth_power inrarepuppers

12. All kinds of toys!

My grandma’s dog and her toys, she has never torn apart one and my grandma washes them for her!
byu/Eightysixx inaww

13. His baby.

The first toy he picked out on our way home from the shelter. He’s never rough with his baby, only carries it with him from room to room and lays on or cuddles it.
byu/KLOw_91 inaww

14. Favorite toy.

15. Took seven years to find this one.

After 7 years of buying her stuffed toys that she completely destroys within a couple days, I finally found her one that she absolutely loves. She’s had her dragon for few months now and cuddles it every chance she gets.
byu/durpabiscuit inaww

Do you have any cute pics of your pooch with their toys?

Share them with us in the comments!