No matter how many times I see pictures like these, they always put a huge smile on my face and bring a tear to my eye.

Go ahead, call me a big softy, I don’t care.

The thought of an innocent dog or cat that was previously in a bad or dangerous situation now spending their years in a loving, warm home with plenty of love is just about the most wholesome thing that I can imagine right now.

And I love it!

Are you ready to see some very happy rescue pets? Let’s take a look!

1. He loves his life now.

Cool name, too!

This is Axel. He was so scared in the animal shelter that he didn’t get adopted for 4 months, and then got returned for "being too shy" when someone finally took him home. He loves his life now! Pure bliss from cats

2. Just a little guy in his new house.

You did a good thing!

Got this little boy from the animal shelter, reddit meet Percy ! from aww

3. Uh oh! Surprise!

Well, now you have more than one kitty.

The stray I adopted came with one little surprise ! ☆ from blackcats

4. Here comes double trouble.

These two are freakin’ adorable.

Just adopted both of these little monsters from cats

5. A very fluffy good boy, indeed.

Now those are some great puppy dog eyes.

A very fluffy good boy that got adopted yesterday. from aww

6. Haha! An angry cat named Giggles.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

This angry cat is named Giggles. He was just adopted from a local shelter from cats

7. This kitty is getting better every single day.

See what a little bit of love can do?

My friend adopted a stray cat two months ago vs now from IllegallySmolCats

8. He’s clearly enjoying himself.

Living the good life!

My boyfriend’s dog, Rex, 3 weeks post-adoption! <3 from rescuedogs

9. You had to do it.

And I bet your life is a lot happier now!

Broke down and got my first cat because of you guys! Meet Meeghan from aww

10. He looks awesome.

He definitely needed out of his old environment.

I just adopted this gorgeous boy who was saved from a hoarding/breeding situation and he is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever met! Completely obsessed with Tofu from cats

11. Your new best friend.

He looks pretty happy about it, too!

Picked up my new best friend from the shelter today! Meet Bosewick! from aww

12. The best cuddles of all.

I think he likes you.

Rescue cuddles are best cuddles. from rescuedogs

Do you have any rescue pets in your household?

If so, please share some pics in the comments and tell us all about them.

We can’t wait to hear from you!