These Funny Tweets About Married Life Are Right on the Money



Ain’t married life grand…?

I mean, besides the bickering, the passive-aggressive behavior, the fighting, etc.

I’m talking about everything else that comes along with marriage.

The people behind these tweets definitely have some strong (and hilarious) feelings about their marriages. Let’s see what’s going on with these folks…

1. Uh oh…

2. Going through a hard time.

3. It’s called a “media break.”

4. Fighting over the dog.

5. A power struggle.

6. You made the right move.

7. You look great!

8. Won’t do that again.

9. How deep is your trust?

10. Clearly not listening.

11. Oh…right…

12. Gonna be a great vacation.

13. Not going anywhere.

14. Now that’s WEIRD!

15. Oh, you can do that!

Have you tied the knot?

If so, tell us your funniest marriage story in the comments!