I don’t think I’m telling you anything you don’t know, but dating can be a real drag.

You invest a lot of time in someone and then find out they’re a total psychopath. Or you go out on a blind date and it turns out to be the longest, most dreadful night of your life.

Good times!

These tweets will at least make you laugh through your misery.

1. A perfect tweet

2. Doesn’t even know you exist

3. On point

4. Oh snap!

5. Very impressive

6. You’re very interesting

7. That is amazing

8. Shook

9. Uh oh

10. Totally chilling

11. You’re ruining everything

12. Hahahaha

13. That’s the goal

14. That’ll show ’em!

15. And then it’s over

Uggghhhhhhhh. Back to the drawing board. Again.