You can’t argue with a cat, right?

And the main reason is that you’ll always LOSE that argument because cats are all-powerful and we essentially work for them.

So when they feel like taking over mini beds from IKEA that were originally bought to be toys for kids, you just stand back, let them have their way, and watch them sleep their little hearts out.

We all know who’s really in charge here…

Enjoy these photos of cats sleeping in IKEA beds that are really meant for dolls, but a cat’s gonna do what a cat’s gonna do!

1. They look very comfortable.

These are our beds now!

2. Make yourself at home!

Like you had a choice…

3. That is freakin’ adorable.

Taking a long snoooooooze.

Just a picture of my cats in their little IKEA beds. from aww

4. Bunk beds for the win!

Up to no good, these two…

5. Can I live here now?

Of course, you can!

6. Ready for bed!

Now you need to read a bedtime story.

7. Feeling bored…

But at least I have a brand new bed!

8. Don’t come near MY bed.

They’re very curious about this contraption.

9. Doubling up.

And that means DOUBLE TROUBLE.

10. Here are some good pics.

I think it’s safe to say they love these beds!

11. That looks very cozy.

Time to settle in for the night.

12. Let’s end on this good one.

We hope you enjoyed these pics!

I love those photos!

Now we want to hear from you!

Do you have any funny photos of your cat sleeping on something that doesn’t belong to them (well, I guess now it does…).

If so, please share them with us in the comments!