There’s a movement online where people put tinfoil hats on their kitty cats (and sometimes on themselves) to make sure their beloved pets aren’t the subject of mind control.

Makes sense, right?


Let’s take a look.

1. Very concerned.

2. You’re in charge now.

3. Fighting back against Big Brother.

4. This one is not messing around.

5. Conspiracy theories.

6. Ready to go with our alien overlords.

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Dear ?’s, I’m done. Beam me up. #tinfoilcat

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7. Seems fine with it.

8. They’re both on board.

Photo Credit: Sad and Useless

9. This one is very good.

Photo Credit: Sad and Useless

10. I’m freakin’ out!

Photo Credit: Sad and Useless

11. Buy your own!

Photo Credit: Sad and Useless

12. It’s best to be prepared.

Photo Credit: Sad and Useless

Maybe these people are being a little bit overprotective…?

But maybe not! You never know if Big Brother is listening!

Do you have any hilarious photos of your cat wearing a tinfoil hat or any other accessories?

Share them with us in the comments!