There aren’t too many sights that are more heartbreaking and pitiful than a pet that needs to be shaved in a totally awkward way for surgery.

Of course, they don’t know what happened: they’re just wondering where all that fur they used to chew on AND why everyone they encounter is now laughing at them.

Because, let’s get real, they usually look pretty ridiculous after they have a date with the hair clippers, right?

It’s sad, it’s pathetic, and it’s also pretty funny.

Let’s take a look at some unfortunate kitty cats that had to get some of their hair removed for surgery.

Poor little cats!

1. He doesn’t look very happy about it.

It’s all in the eyes.

2. No pants.

And a killer scar.

My friend’s cat had surgery and now he has no pants
byu/edwardhowrongtu infunny

3. Awwww. Poor fella.

He’ll be back to 100% in no time!

Our little buddy had to have a few surgeries. His haircut was… less than flattering
byu/nuocyte inaww

4. It’s coming back in.

That took a while!

A couple months post surgery and nugget is finally getting his fur back.
byu/bjreicha incats

5. You definitely have a funny haircut.

Sorry, I had to say it…

Apollo made it through 3 weeks at the hospital and a surgery after somehow catching tonsillitis. The beast is finally back to is usual self ❤️
byu/kerph32 incats

6. A real champ.

Also, thankful for the painkillers.

My kitty lounging on the floor after his surgery… yea, he’s still a little high on pain killers, but he’s a champ ♥
byu/OhKerrn incats

7. Queen of Uggs.

Hey, it looks cool! Kind of…

8. Rat Boy’s revenge.

That’s pretty funny lookin’.

9. No more leg warmers.

Sorry about that!

10. Time to shave the chest.

Better than getting it waxed.

11. Are you wearing pants?

It sure looks like it…

12. You’re still the Queen.

Don’t even worry about it!

Have any of your pets ever had to get any funny haircuts for surgery?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!

We promise not to laugh at them…too much.