I love a good makeover. Especially when it comes to interior design.

And if you feel the same way as me, you’re in for a big treat with the photos you’re about to see.

These pics document the before and after of big design projects that completely refurbished these properties.

And we think you’ll be inspired to get busy in your own house after you see these proejcts.

Be sure to click on the arrows on the right side of the posts so you can see the AFTER photos. Enjoy!

1. This one is really cool.

That black makes it look a little spooky too, which I like.

2. Doesn’t even look like the same house.

I’d love to spend some time in that tub…take me away!

3. This is so cool!

The perfect backyard chill spot.

4. A major upgrade.

I’d call this a job well done. No doubt about it.

5. Raise the bed, get more storage space.

Nice work, people!

6. From plain to fancy.

This one was begging for some love.

7. Pretty fancy rehab.

I love the floor!

8. What a huge improvement.

Looks nice and stylish now.

9. Does a movie star live here?

Or maybe another Hollywood bigwig?

10. From haunted to hip.

Definitely needed some work done.

11. Let’s go ahead and add a kitchen there…

You nailed it!

Do you have any photos of cool home improvement projects that you want to show off?

If so, share them with us in the comments.

We can’t wait to see them! Please and thank you!