According to several different studies, moving is the third most stressful event in a person’s life (behind only death and divorce).  There are reasons behind the anxiety most people feel when packing up and leaving for a new place, no matter how close or far you may be relocating, and likewise, some ways to help mitigate it depending on the situation.

Since moving is something most of us won’t be able to avoid, you’re going to want to keep these tips handy!

#4. Plan for the financial strain.

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There are many times people move before they’ve found a job, or a forced to make a big move without adequate savings, and all of this can add up to a lot of stress. Even if you have planned for your move, expenses are bound to crop up – it helps to know this ahead of time, realize you can’t control all of it, but plan for it as best as you can.

One way to keep expenses down is to leave behind the belongings you don’t love or don’t know that you’ll need in your new space. It can save you money and give you a sense of starting fresh that’s worth more than money.

#3. Expect a sense of loss.

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Our identities are often inextricably linked with the places we live and the people who move dependably in and our of our daily lives. Moving disrupts not only our routines but our sense of self, and it’s okay to feel like a fish out of water as you explore your new habitat and find ways to fit yourself into it.

Remind yourself of that, and give yourself time to adjust.

#2. Stay in touch, but don’t forget to put yourself out there in your new home.

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That said, while staying in touch and giving yourself time is important, do your best to find your niches in your new place. If you go to church, find a new one. If you like volunteering, sign up. If you’re a gym rat, join a new one and start talking to people. The more willing and proactive you are about creating a welcoming environment for yourself in your new home, the faster it will feel like somewhere you belong.

#1. Remember all the positives about moving.

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Moving can help you grow and change as a person in exciting ways. Change isn’t easy, but many of us move in search of better opportunities and to achieve big dreams of the future. Don’t lose sight of all of the positive things that forced you out of your comfort zone in the first place, and do your best to embrace them as you move forward.