Don’t know much about history…except that it’s really weird!

And a Twitter page called “Weird History” proves that point over and over again with its funny and interesting posts.

Take a look at these 12 posts from the page and we think you’ll be so impressed you’ll start following them in no time.

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1. This is so wild.

I wonder what it says…and how much the rent was.

2. He was respected by his enemies.

That’s really saying something.

3. What are the chances of that?

The guy couldn’t catch a break.

4. Guys…we’re out of beer.

Now what are we supposed to do?!?!

5. I’m not on board with this at all.

Also, this is probably the least of their worries…

6. Did you know about this?

Going wayyyyyyyy back.

7. This is one of history’s crazy coincidences.

A love story for the ages.

8. They really knew how to build them back then.

Looks like it’s held up over time.

9. This would cause a lot of arguments.

I’m kind of mad that it didn’t work out.

10. Get a load of that!

For all the Star Trek lovers out there!

11. She was a trailblazer.

I love these little nuggets from the past.

12. I just learned about this story and I find it fascinating.

Had you ever heard about this?

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