You’ve probably heard people say that the perfect tattoo doesn’t exist

I’ve said it myself at one point or another, but I think you’re about to be very surprised…because all of these tattoos are IMPRESSIVE. And you might even go so far as to call them PERFECT.

I’ve seen a ton of bad and embarrassing tattoos in my day but I think that maybe, just maybe, these inked up artworks might just be the real deal. And by that, I mean totally perfect.

Let’s take a look and we’ll see if you agree with me…

1. Look at that!

Very impressive, I must say.

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

2. Oh, yes, it does!

Here you go!

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

3. This one is great.

RIP Steve Irwin. What a great guy!

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

4. An alternate Simpsons universe.

Carl Carlson and Marge?

Photo Credit: Ruin My Week

5. Air Mole Jordan.

I’d say this is pretty much perfect.

6. White Claw, anyone.

It’s sweeping the nation!

7. From bad to worse.

I’d say that sums up 2020 in a nutshell.

8. That is commitment.

I wish you well, sir.

9. Wow…a lot to take in here.

Tupac on a unicorn…okay.

10. Some very fine handiwork.

And the placement is perfect.

11. Gimme that paw!

Bonded for life.

12. That is awesome.

Two mad scientists!

13. Hahahaha. Amazing.

I support anything that involves Hans Moleman.

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, show us some pictures of your tattoos or share some photos of some really awesome (or terrible) tats that you’ve seen.

Please and thank you!