The newest remake of Dr. Seuss’s beloved Christmas story, The Grinch, hit theaters on November 9th, but the fun started before the movie was even released. To promote their upcoming film, Universal Pictures launched an ad campaign worthy of one of literature’s great killjoy’s. Across New York City and Los Angeles, a series green billboards went up mocking those very cities.

And it was a hit! Not only did the billboards themselves go viral, the movie has already made over $150 million. As far as marketing campaigns go, these billboards are actually funny and well worth a look, either if you’re a fan of Dr. Seuss, or you just want to see New York City and Los Angeles receive some well-deserved ribbing. Check ’em out and feed your inner Grinch! (via Bored Panda.)

1. Hate traffic? Surely this will fix it!

Photo Credit: @danieljnorman

2. Don’t get your hopes up.

Photo Credit: @bedoubleu757

3. Resting Grinch Face

Photo Credit: @pacez88

4. Them’s fighting words, if you live in LA.

Photo Credit: Universal Studios

5. You knew there would be a traffic joke.

Photo Credit: @tommyklipsch

6. And a Times Square joke.

Photo Credit: @DavPhat

7. Stay away from LA.

Photo Credit: Universal Studios

8. Hollywood: the city of (crushed) dreams!

Photo Credit: @Victorynotmine

9. New Yorkers and the Grinch: more in common than you’d think.

Photo Credit: Nicole Randall

10. You’re not as cool as you think you are.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

11. Get it? Because New York and LA are hella expensive!

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

12. A remake… making fun of remakes.

Photo Credit: Universal Studios

13. Remakes: they’re inevitable.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

14. Taxi!

Photo Credit: @DavPhat

15. And one joke for you Bay Area residents.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures



h/t: Bored Panda