Hey… let me ask you a question…

“What’s your degree in?”

Don’t you hate that question? It’s bad enough to have answer it when you’re out of school, but when you’re actually in school, it’s followed up with the inevitable,

“So, ummm… what are you gonna do with that?”


It’s best just to avoid those situations if possible. But sometimes you can’t avoid them and you’re stuck… and it leads to awkwardness.

The people who wrote these tweets know what I’m talking about.

1. Don’t ask me.


2. Sure. Just like that.

3. Absolutely not.

4. All kinds of deep thoughts.

5. I didn’t say “mind reader.”

6. I have no clue.

7. The only two options.

8. Get a rich spouse.

9. Not that, sorry.

10. No to both questions.

11. Licking Rocks 101.

12. Gonna be a pot farmer?

13. Put you on the spot.

14. That’s why I chose it!

15. All kinds of pitches.

No thank you. I think it’s best we just ignore those conversations altogether.

By the way…I hate to ask this, but…what’s your degree in?

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