If you get to choose a senior quote, you better make sure it’s a damn good one. You don’t want to have something totally lame following you around for the rest of your life, do you?

I didn’t think so.

Here are some of the best senior quotes from this year’s graduating seniors.

The future is in good hands, folks…

1. Gee, thanks

Asked the yearbook committee if they could put my senior quote in a different font… from teenagers

2. The victim and the culprit

So we got our yearbooks today… from teenagers

3. Got it!

me_irl from me_irl

4. Made it past the editors

So, we got our yearbooks today, and somehow they let this slide in the Senior Quotes section. from teenagers

5. That’s good

6. The Office makes an appearance

7. LOL

My senior quote, thought you all would enjoy. from teenagers

8. No you didn’t

9. Important stuff

10. That’s why

11. Boom

12. #winning

13. Respect

14. A real connection

These connected senior quotes from funny

15. Lucked out

This is going on your permanent record!