We all gotta do it…

Yes, I’m talking about working for a living.

Some of it’s good, some of it’s bad, and some of it can be UGLY.

So why don’t you enjoy some posts about working until you have to get back to the grind?

Start now with these posts from the “Employee Tears” Instagram page!

1. You look busy.

I’m totally buying it.

2. Lost control.

It happens to all of us sometimes…

3. I agree with this 100%.

Who does this?

4. Oh, really?

That’s what I thought!

5. Going out in style.

This is gonna cause some problems.

6. Hahaha. Wow.

This is quite a response.

7. This is gonna be good.

I want in on this!

8. First thing Monday morning.

I’ll be there!

9. Day by day…

It’ll be here before you know it!

10. No, not that.

Nice try, though.

11. I told you so.

You should have listened…

Have you had any annoying work experiences lately?

Well, go ahead and share them with us in the comments!

Please and thank you!