If DJ Khaled had intended to piss off the entire Internet with a single comment, he couldn’t have done much better than what he said on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. In the 2014 interview, which was just rediscovered by Twitter user @howcomeyousmell, the hip hop producer was asked his opinion on sexual reciprocity. On the subject of whether he performs oral sex on his wife Nicole Tuck, Khaled had this to say: 

“You gotta understand, I’m the don. I’m the king. It’s different rules for men. We the king, so there’s some things y’all might not wanna do, [but] it gotta get done. I just can’t do what you want me to do. I just can’t.”

Below is a clip from the interview in question, if you really wanted to see it:

And to make matters even worse, Khaled expects his partner to go down on him!

Photo Credit: Rap Up

Pictured: Nicole Tuck alongside the worst husband in the world. 

Not surprisingly, just about everyone in the world finds DJ Khaled’s belief to be completely ridiculous and offensive. Social media users weren’t shy about letting him know, and we’ve rounded up some of the best reactions.

But above all: don’t be like DJ Khaled.

(Disclaimer: this article contains strong language. But also, it’s an article explicitly about cunnilingus, so if you didn’t expect that, well…)

1. Perhaps it’s not that he won’t, it’s that he can’t.

Photo Credit: @AlexisGirlNovak

2. Once a producer, always a producer.

Photo Credit: @pattymo

3. How about an Edible Arrangement?

Photo Credit: @billyeichner

4. Ouch.

Photo Credit: @Fred_Delicious

5. Even Smash Mouth joined the pile-on.

Photo Credit: @smashmouth

6. “After much soul searching, I have decided…”

Photo Credit: @electrolemon

7. Evan Rachel Wood wasn’t messing around.

8. One person hopes Nicole Tuck has found a way to cope.

Photo Credit: @IamGMJohnson

9. There are layers to DJ Khaled’s idiocy.

Photo Credit: @putinsuckit

10. “Hey, hon. How was your day?”

Photo Credit: @brentalfloss

11. Some folks pointed out the overall problem with Khaled’s comments.

Photo Credit: @pipsuxx

12. The blue screen of death.

Photo Credit: @dawneywawney

13. Don’t pat yourselves on the back too hard, fellas.

Photo Credit: @ohnoNOTFEMINISM

14. Mystery solved!

Photo Credit: @Elysiasmith5

15. But let’s not lose sight of the real victims in all of this: us.

Photo Credit: @hankgreen


h/t: Funny or Die and The Huffington Post