Any time a member of the British royal family gets married, it’s a big deal. Even if you actively try to avoid any mention of the royals, you probably know that Prince Harry married his girlfriend Meghan Markle this past Saturday. It was about as big a story as the Super Bowl, and Harry is only sixth in line for the throne.

Part of the fun of following a royal wedding is there’s just so much to see and discuss! What celebrities did or did not get invited to the event? What fancy hats and outfits was everyone wearing? Will the monarchy adhere to tradition and behead an enemy of the crown?

It’s a lot to keep up with, but luckily for you, we’ve got 15 hilarious Tweets that sum up the whole shindig.

1. People LOVE Harry and Meghan.

Photo Credit: @EsraaKhalifa17

2. Some feel like they’ve known Harry his whole life.

Photo Credit: @Bilal_Ali00

3. But the real reason you watch the Royal Wedding is to make fun of the royal family. First up, Pippa Middleton.

Photo Credit: @sarahnrogers

4. The rest of the Royal Family weren’t spared, either.

Photo Credit: @TiernanDouieb

5. Not even 96-year-old Prince Philip.

Photo Credit: @KJCByrne

6. Prince Harry’s ex was in attendance. And people noticed.

Photo Credit: @StephanieEphani

7. Royal Wedding fashion is always a big topic, and this time was no different.

Photo Credit: @GloriaFallon123

8. The toughest fashion critic is still in grade school.

Photo Credit: @VictoriaCoren

9. People took note of the couple’s many celebrity guests.

Photo Credit: @wednesdaydreams

10. Rich and famous? Today you’re just another wedding guest.

Photo Credit: @JennaGuillaume

11. Lots of fans joked about the event itself. Plenty of people felt overwhelmed by the hype.

Photo Credit: @bonniepipkin

12. But still gave in to it anyway.

Photo Credit: @Ghanasfinestx

13. Friendships were questioned.

Photo Credit: @ovotiann

14. Sports fans wear their favorite player’s jersey. Royal Wedding fans have a similar option.

Photo Credit: @canbewesley

15. And finally, some folks found the big day genuinely moving.

Photo Credit: @richardosman


h/t: Buzzfeed and The Chive