You can only imagine how bored kids are during this quarantine…can’t see their friends, can’t play sports or go to camp…

But a 14-year-old girl named Macaire Everett has taken it upon herself to entertain herself and younger brother Camden in a very unique way.

Macaire draws cool scenes on the family driveway in Libertyville, Illinois and lets Camden take cool adventures without leaving the comfort of home.

She’s doing really great work! Let’s check out some of her pieces and let’s see how Camden interacts with these scenes.


1. Take me to your leader.

Beam me up!

2. Time for a nice canoe ride.

That looks very peaceful.

3. Visiting Colombia for fun.

Waving the flag!

4. Celebrating the USA on July 4.

What better place to do it?!?!

5. Hang on tight!

We’re sending you on a top-secret mission.

6. Walking across Abbey Road.

Those guys look familiar…

7. The canals of Venice.

Soaking up the scenery.

8. A journey to Russia.

See you in Red Square!

9. He’s out on safari.

No cell phone service out here.

10. The Great Wall of China.

This might take a while.

11. Mr. Hollywood.

He looks like a real big shot.

12. Be careful with those things!

Not everyone can juggle chainsaws.

13. Down Under in Sydney.

Out for a little ride on the paddleboard.

Are you doing anything fun and creative with your family during the lockdown?

Or maybe you’re just doing cool art stuff by yourself?

If you are, please tell us all about it in the comments!

We look forward to hearing from you!