Rents are rising in a hurry all over the country and you better believe that things are pretty wild in New York City.

But the resilient folks who live in the Big Apple always seem to make it work somehow, don’t they?

And a YouTuber named Caleb Simpson has a huge following on social media and he tours apartments and homes of people living in New York City and gets the lowdown on how much room they have and how much they pay.

Simpson caught up with a young woman on the street named Nikki and she was nice enough to agree to a tour of her 80-square-foot apartment in NYC.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Nikki lives in Manhattan and she pays $1,750 in rent every month.

It probably seems pretty steep to pay that much for an 80-square-foot pad, but keep in mind this is New York City, after all.

Photo Credit: YouTube

And, despite the cramped conditions, Nikki has made her apartment a comfortable place to live…but I can’t imagine another person squeezed in here…

Photo Credit: YouTube

And host Caleb Simpson seems to be pretty impressed by the spaciousness of Nikki’s bathroom, so at least she has that going for her!

Take a look at the video tour of Nikki’s apartment in the video below.

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