Thrift stores are so much fun because you really never know what you’re going to encounter that day.

Some weird edible underwear, a blender once owned by Elvis, the possibilities are endless!

But you know what’s even MORE fun?

When people find old thrift store paintings and then they add their own little twist on them…now that’s the good stuff!

Take a look at the clever things that artists added to these old works of art.

1. I think Scooby, Shaggy, and the gang are on top of it.

I just hope the Mystery Machine can get out of that swamp…

Unsolved mystery… from Repaintings

2. This one took a weird turn…

She has no idea what she’s about to walk into…

All work and no play – I had a lot of fun painting this one! from Repaintings

3. Keep your eyes open…

Those folks better be careful.

Clever Girls from Repaintings

4. Here comes the Iron Giant!

If you haven’t seen that movie, check it out.

Proud of this one! from Repaintings

5. Here’s a cat bomb for you.

Where did you come from!

Cat Bombing, my latest thing. Didn’t remember to take a before picture but think it’s pretty obvious what I added ? from Repaintings

6. Everyone loves pizza!

And yes, they had delivery back then.

pizzagate (done by my friend, hanging in my kitchen) from Repaintings

7. Time to regroup, Ninjas.

Also, where’s the pizza?

Regroup… from Repaintings

8. Well, this sure is strange.

The landscape looks a little bit different…

“Prepare for Trouble.” I always knew I wanted to add a hot air balloon but originally I planned to add Rocky and Bullwinkle. I think the Meowth balloon was a better idea. from Repaintings

9. Beware of Slimer!

And you know who you gotta call…

“Whom will thou call?” acrylic on old art print. She used to be holding a guitar and I swapped it out. from Repaintings

10. This is creeping me out.

But maybe he likes his new buddy…

Added more details to this guy. I think he’s done now. from Repaintings

11. Will this ever come true?

I’ve been waiting too long…

Sky waffles from Repaintings

12. You better run for it!

It was such a nice day when I woke up…

War of the Worlds Repaint from Repaintings

Have you picked up anything awesome from a thrift store lately?

Or maybe something really weird?

Tell us about it in the comments and share some pics if you got ’em!