Time sure does fly by, doesn’t it?

One day you’re graduating from high school and it feels like in the blink of an eye you are married with kids and settled into a real, adult life.

What happened?

Where did the time go?

The people you’re about to see all decided to pay homage to their family history by recreating photos from the old days.

Let’s take a step back in time with these photos that help bring the past into focus and will give you some major nostalgic feels.

1. More than half a decade ago…

This is really wholesome.

My mother and father. Photos taken 51 years apart. from pics

2. A gift for Mom.

I bet she loved this!

For my mom’s 60th birthday, my brothers, my cousin and I recreated a photo from my first day of kindergarten. from PastAndPresentPics

3. A perfect recreation.

Let’s bring it back to the old school.

Me with my newborn son/ My father holding me as a baby from MadeMeSmile

4. Mom’s favorite photo.

I think you nailed it!

Recreated my mom’s favorite photo of us for Mother’s Day from MadeMeSmile

5. A very musical couple.

Still keeping it real all these years later.

My parents in 1975 and again in 2020. They’ve been married and playing music together for over 45 years now! from MadeMeSmile

6. Happy graduation!

How pure can you get, right?

7. Wow. This is really awesome.

Grandson, if you find yourself in Japan…

My Grandfather and I in Tokyo, 73 years apart from pics

8. Holding on tighter than ever.

Good job, graduates!

Me holding on to my girl at my high school graduation in 2002. I’m holding on to her even tighter at hers in 2020. ? from PastAndPresentPics

9. Showing the love after all these years.

You gotta love it!

My Grandma and Dad 1966 and 2020. from PastAndPresentPics

10. Both of them making their country proud.

Our hats are off to you!

Me and my son, 24 years apart. from pics

11. The first day of school.

This one is really wonderful.

My dads first day at school in the 70s, and now 50 years later from pics

12. From a series of throwbacks.

It looks like you replaced the milk with booze. Am I right?

My sis and I did a series of throwbacks – this is definitely the best one. Circa 1994 vs 2015 from PastAndPresentPics

Those are awesome!

And we want more. We DEMAND more!

Have you seen any great recreated photo families online? Or maybe you’ve even done this yourself?

If so, please share them with us in the comments. Thanks!