Marriage is an eternal union that bonds two loving people together – wait a second, what am I talking about?

People these days get married so they can tweet about it and the rest of us can enjoy it.

At least, that’s my understanding of the institution of marriage. I might be a bit off, though…

But let’s not choose sides here, let’s just all agree that marriage can equal comedy gold. Just like these tweets!

1. It’s not going very well. 

2. Having some dark thoughts?

3. He needed to see the ending.

4. How romantic…

5. A new family member.

6. She always comes through.

7. Thanks a lot!

8. Still have some things to work on.

9. A nice little Friday night.

10. I’m sure she doesn’t find this annoying at all.

11. That has ended many relationships.

12. Things are getting a little testy.

13. Get into the corners really well.

14. His biggest achievement.

15. Them’s the rules.

Ladies and gents, share a funny marriage story with us.

And be sure to tell us how long you’ve been hitched so we can compare tales!