Bring on the floof!

That’s what I like to say…to other people and to myself…

Is that weird?

Ah, the hell with it! Who cares if it is weird? I want to see fluffy cats and I want to see them now!

And I’m in for a huge treat, and so are you. Because these fluff-balls are some of the most adorable kitties that you’re gonna see anywhere on Earth.

Let’s take a look!

And remember to yell out “Bring on the floof!” while you’re enjoying these pics! There ain’t no shame in your game!

1. This one is a double threat.

Floof and THOSE EYES. Wow.

I am sure you’ll fall in love with this cutie at first sight… from Floof

2. I love the name, by the way.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a dog or a cat named Cereal.

Cereal in winter from Floof

3. Perfect for cuddling.

No doubt about that.

My huge floofy boi cuddling with me 😻 from Floof

4. Get out in nature.

Enjoy your frolic in the snow!

Happy floof in the snow ! from Floof

5. Sorry, you can’t have anymore.

You sure are cute, though.

Someone ate all his Halloween candy already 😳 from Floof

6. This cat might turn out to be PURE EVIL.

But in the meantime, enjoy his company!

I Am the Night from Floof

7. This one is almost all floof.

I wonder what the other 10% is…

90% Floof from Floof

8. You just want to pick him up!

And cuddle with him for days!

he’s as soft as he looks ❤️ from Floof

9. You might need a haircut soon…

On second thought, never mind. The floof is good.

Susanna’s head is slowly being engulfed by her own floof. from Floof

10. That’s a good-looking kitty!

And she seems polite, too.

Daintily crossing her floofy feet. from Floof

11. Perfect for snoozing.

What a good companion.

Boyfriend and floof take a snooze from Floof

Do you have any kitties in your house?

If so, please share some pics with us in the comments.

We can’t wait to see them!