I think we’re finally starting to turn the corner on this year’s brutally hot weather.


Actually, I should say that I PRAY we’re turning the corner because I’m ready for some cool breezes, some bonfires, and some dark beer for those chilly fall and winter nights.

But back to the heat for a minute…

This year was blazing hot and people from all over the globe shared photos of just how brutal it’s been. Let’s take a look.

1. The birds know what’s up.

You know it’s bad when they’re hiding out.

These birds making use of limited shade on a hot day from mildlyinteresting

2. Time to hit the sprinkler for a while.

That poor fella was probably hurting out there!

It’s been hot in Alaska. from pics

3. This is a genius idea.

Forget about going outside! I’ll do it from in here!

Friend posted this to Facebook "How I cut my lawn when it’s 98 degrees." from funny

4. Everyone into the room with AC!

It might get a little bit crowded in there.

Cozy muffin! Heatwave in Switzerland and only one room has AC from rarepuppers

5. How the hell did this happen?

You don’t see this every day.

This ceiling fan in Puerto Rico got so hot it melted. from mildlyinteresting

6. It’s time to take shelter.

I bet that water is pretty uncomfortable.

The way these fish take shelter from the hot sun in the shade from mildlyinteresting

7. Time to take a little break.

You can meet up with your buddies later.

When it’s so hot out, you need to take a break from doing your squirrel things. from pics

8. Now this is one smart dog.

I want to get in there next!

Mom found this good boye outside a store in 40 degrees heat. from india

9. This kid is going places.

Just don’t shut that refrigerator all the way!

When I asked him what he was doing his response was simple "I’m hot" from pics

10. Why did you wear a long sleeve shirt?!?!

Rookie mistake, my friend.

It was a hot day in Tallahassee from Wellthatsucks

11. Take a load off, pal.

You can hunt again when the sun goes down.

Too hot for the fox in London today! from aww

12. That’s pretty bad.

I guess we’ll go elsewhere for drinks.

The heatwave in Britain made these cans explode in the vending machine from mildlyinteresting

How hot was it this year where you live?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

And share some pics too if you got ’em!