Since it debuted back in 2003, Spike TV has been a blight on the television landscape. The channel shamelessly targeted the young male demographic with a steady stream of aggressively bro-ey TV shows. And even though the network did sometimes offer more varied programming, it was never quite able to shed its fratboy image. That’s what happens when you unleash Manswers on the world.

For that reason, Spike has long been the go-to example for everything that’s wrong with the world. And today, now that Spike TV has officially died and been rebranded as Paramount Network, one Spike employee is admitting he feels the same away about the network we all do, with a Tweet storm taking potshots at the channel.

Maybe is a real collection of a disgruntled Spike employee’s years of pent-up frustration. Or maybe it’s just a viral stunt to gin up interest in the rebrand. But even if it is fictional, these complaints and revelations can’t be too far from the truth.

1. How the sausage gets made.

2. Finally, some honesty.

3. Accurate

4. Is that the writers’ room for Blue Mountain State?

5. The money maker.

6. Hooray

7. What’s worse than trash? Disappointing trash.

8. I’m surprised this wasn’t a Spike show.

 9. This one, too.

10. It all comes full circle.


h/t: The Chive