Few products have garnered such a fierce hatred from society at large like Uggs–aka the Big Mouth Billy Bass of footwear. It’s hard to say why the comfy sheepskin boots, originally worn by Australian surfers, get so much flack. Maybe it started back in the mid-aughts when Paris Hilton wore a pair of Uggs everywhere, earning the boots a bad reputation by association. Or maybe it was the way they became a popular summertime necessity, despite being cold-weather boots. Like a pukka shell necklace or frosted tips, there’s just something about Uggs that turns people off.

And now, they’re back, and they’re even more revolting than before!

Yesterday, during Paris Men’s Fashion Week, French fashion brand Y/Project thumbed their nose at the world at large by debuting their new line of Uggs-style boots for men, and this time they’re thigh-high. Creative director Glenn Martens explained his company’s reasoning: “Y/Project is about challenges. Since launch we’ve been twisting the grounded codes, we challenged the acceptable and triggered people by putting focus on the unexpected.”

If your goal as a fashion designer is to shock and offend people, you can’t go wrong with rebooting Uggs. You also can’t go wrong with charging up to $1,380 for a pair, like Y/Project is.

When thigh-high Uggs hit the catwalk this week, what immediately became apparent was their versatility. For instance, here’s how Uggs ruin a stylish jacket:

Photo Credit: UniLAD

Here’s how Uggs ruin a lumberjack outfit:

Photo Credit: UniLAD

Here’s how Uggs can ruin your Dad’s coat that’s far too big for you:

Photo Credit: UniLAD

Uggs will even ruin Princess Leia’s wardrobe from A New Hope:

Photo Credit: UniLAD

If Uggs thigh-highs somehow become popular among men of the world, maybe we’ll get high fashion reboots of other abominable brands, like a diamond-encrusted pair of Truck Nutz.


h/t: UniLAD and The New York Post