Talk about a huge slap in the face…

Country singer Becca Bowen opened up about why she decided to write and record her latest single “Son of a Gun”…and it’s not a pretty story.

Bowen and a friend who lived down the street liked each other and decided to commit to each other after years of going back and forth.

The singer said, “We both are country people. We hunt and fish and all that. We had a ton of things in common, but we just couldn’t commit to each other. I was always the one that wanted more out of it instead of just being friends with benefits, you know what I mean?”

But the two decided to commit to each other…or, at least Bowen thought so…

A few years ago, the singer appeared onstage to sing the national anthem at a Fourth of July celebration and, to her surprise, Bowen saw her supposed boyfriend in the audience…with another woman.

She said, “I left right after the performance was over, and I went home and texted him. Even though we had been friends for a long time, I didn’t talk to him for a while after that because I was just so upset.”

Bowen decided to channel her anger into a song and the result is “Son of a Gun.”

Bowen said, “It came out so fast because I was just in the middle of feeling all these emotions My madness was turning into what my co-writer thought would make for a great country song. I think we wrote this song in about an hour, honest to God.”

She added, “I called him when I knew the song was going to come out, and I basically asked him not to be mad at me. I wrote this song when I was angry. This is not how I feel about him today. But a woman never forgets, you know? We can forgive, but we don’t forget.”

Listen to the song below and see if you can feel Bowen’s unhappiness about the situation coming through!

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