Maybe you’re a big fan of the poop emoji.

Photo Credit: HuffPo

Maybe you’ve made or eaten delicious-looking cupcakes like these.

Photo Credit: Benny’s Baker

Or, maybe you’re so into the poo-moji that you rest your head on a big, fat, poo pillow every night.

Photo Credit: PlushMoji

Well, that’s all fun and great, but how much do you know about actual, real-deal, come-out-of-your-butt, everybody-does-it kind of poop? What I’m getting at is, how well do you know your shit?

Thankfully, Health Works has tapped WebMD, LiveScience, The Mayo Clinic, MSN, and NHS UK to deliver an infographic that’s full of so much shit about poo, you’ll have it¬†coming out of your ears. Ready?!

Just don’t forget to wipe.

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So, did you learn anything?

Did you remember to jiggle the handle?

h/t: IFLScience