You learn something new every day!

And, if you don’t…well…you really should at least try to.

Because it’s good for our minds and our souls to challenge what we know and what we believe.

I really think it’s the key to life and it makes all of us more well-rounded individuals.

So, in the spirit of learning, take a look at these interesting images.

We think you’ll learn something!

1. This is disgusting and also informative.

I had no idea!

This is how much a pound of human fat is. Banana for scale.
byu/indecisive311 inpics

2. Now this will really blow your mind.

We are pretty insignificant, huh?

A model showing how many earths could fit into the sun.
byu/Ben_the-Human inDamnthatsinteresting

3. Talk about sugar overload…

Kids and parents both need to see this.

Dentist Office showing how much sugar is in regular items.
byu/mmaathiaas inmildlyinteresting

4. Should be a wake-up call to anyone who uses or is thinking about using this stuff.

It’s downright scary.

The lethal dose of fentanyl (2 milligrams) compared to a penny
by ininterestingasfuck

5. Climate change is real, folks.

And here’s just one piece of evidence.

The Arctic 103 years ago compared to today
byu/Sumit316 ininterestingasfuck

6. I always knew they were smart, but…

This is pretty incredible.

a dolphin brain compared to a human brain
by inDamnthatsinteresting

7. This is what epic sprawl looks like…

I’d say that’s pretty intimidating.

This is what Tokyo, the largest city on Earth, looks like from a plane.
byu/karmagheden inDamnthatsinteresting

8. So is more legroom…is that what you’re saying?

Looks pretty cozy like this.

What an empty 787 looks like
by inDamnthatsinteresting

9. Largest protests in modern history.

Let that sink in…

25% of the entire population!
by inDamnthatsinteresting

10. It’s nothing new…

So let’s act before it’s too late!

107 Years ago the Press reported Climate Change
by inDamnthatsinteresting

11. Have you ever seen them without their helmets?

I know I haven’t.

Daft Punk Performing Helmetless In 1993
byu/mtlgrems inDamnthatsinteresting

12. This is pretty cool.

I hope the cow didn’t mind being painted.

Scientists believe that a function of a zebra’s stripes is to deter insects, so a team or researchers painted black and white stripes on several cows and discovered that it reduced the number of biting flies landing on the cows by more than 50%.
byu/Rusty_Crank inDamnthatsinteresting

13. Something to think about…

Am I right?

Public transport vs Private transport
byu/Quantum3000 inDamnthatsinteresting

Now that was interesting!

And now it’s your turn to impress us.

In the comments, please share some cool photos or posts that you’ve seen lately.

We look forward to it, thanks!